What’s the Difference between Spirituality and Religion?

See here for the Finnish version: Mitä eroa on hengellisyydellä ja uskonnolla?

Ah, words with extra baggage. Caring about clarity of communication, one has to hate them.

Is “spiritual” the same as “religious”? Or is spirituality something better or more genuine? Or is it really just the same thing? Or are they unrelated?

In truth, this is one of those annoying cases where a word has two different meanings. Continue reading


Sometimes the “Big” Questions Don’t Matter

See here for the Finnish version.

I don’t think there is any real chance that a God exists. I have reviewed the supposed evidence in the most sophisticated forms I have found, and there is nothing to it, at least given understanding of some scientific and philosophical points. I know people may believe just through faith, but that’s completely against my nature. If there is no reason to believe something is true, then it almost certainly isn’t, and what’s the sense in believing something that isn’t true? So you might say I agree with those who don’t think God exists. Continue reading