About This Weblog

This is a bilingual English–Finnish weblog that is to work as a depository of thoughts and analyses by the author worth sharing. They can be observations I often make and want to write down or ones that I just made. Some can be incomplete ideas for academic articles. They can be about anything. The only requirement is that I feel qualified to really say something about the topic. Subjective reflections don’t really belong here, unless they’re appropriately illustrative of something, and my opinions about things I don’t know enough about certainly don’t.

I used to try to write everything in both English and Finnish versions, but it takes double the time and I’d need to spend even more time to avoid clumsy translations, so I’ve given up on that. Most articles will be in English, but some could be just in Finnish if I happen to have a Finnish text ready or something. When both versions exist, the order in which the two versions are posted should be indicative of which one was written first, the second being a translation. Outside the article contents, English is used nearly everywhere.



I’m a postgraduate student in Philosophy at the University of Turku. My Bachelor’s thesis was about free will and determinism and my Master’s thesis about reductionism in science and supervenience and emergence in nature. In my doctoral dissertation, I am looking at free will again, in conjunction with responsibility. I’ve also studied English, comparative religion, Christian theology (not that I am Christian), psychology, and linguistics, and to a lesser extent some other subjects. I am also interested in particular in physics and biology (and everything else, really), but have not had the time to study them at the university.

2 thoughts on “About This Weblog

  1. Tudor says:

    I enjoy very much your writing, it has an essential quality to it. Thank you.

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