All the things you shouldn’t post on Facebook

So, these are the kinds of things that you apparently can’t post on Facebook:

  • About how you’re having fun or things are going great, because that’s just fake and bragging.
  • Complaining about how badly things are going for you, because that’s just annoying.
  • Ordinary things like what you had for dinner, or when you went to the gym, or what your child or pet did etc., because who cares?
  • Serious or political topics, because it’s supposed to be about socialising and telling your friends what you’ve been doing.
  • Dumb jokes and memes because those are too shallow.
  • Links to in-depth articles, because who has the patience to read that?
  • Any kind of photograph you took, because it will go under either “fake”, “bragging” or “uninteresting”, probably all three. Even if it was an interesting situation, you shouldn’t have been taking photographs because that officially means you weren’t really enjoying it.
  • Any given opinion, because someone will disagree, so they’ll find it annoying.
  • Your own blog posts because people won’t read them.
  • Complaints about the kinds of things people post on Facebook.

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