Review: High Rage by James K. Burk

I always thought doing reviews would be in line with my weblog’s intentionally vague theme of “analysing anything”. I have never High Ragegot around to writing one before, though. There are many books that I should write about if I start, but I thought I should start with some that I don’t need to reread first. Hence, my first choice: High Rage by James K. Burk.

As the blurb on the publisher’s page states of the plot:

Scarface, on his way back to a clan stronghold after assassinating a legate, meets and falls in love with a woman even more ruthless than he.  To win her, he must reunite an empire and create a kingdom.  His only allies are his wits, his sword, and the power in his scars — black marks like the taloned finger prints of a demon.

To achieve his goals, he must deal with old enemies, gods of dubious worth, and his own family — who may be the most dangerous of all. Continue reading