These days

In Finnish.

There seems to be a minor but constant and strange trend in how people see things these days. No, just kidding — it’s not “these days”, it’s been like that as far back as I know, and though that isn’t that long historically speaking, for all I know, it’s always been like this. This strange trend is that people keep attributing everything to “these days”.

I don’t know why it is so. It doesn’t really make sense. But when people observe a trend, they very often seem to automatically think, and especially say, that it’s something that happens nowadays. You know, people are so rude these days, and so forth. This applies especially if it’s something negative. Of course, someone can say this because they have legitimate information about the past, but it also seems to come completely unthinkingly — for me as well, except not any more because I’m watching out for it now. Sometimes people will build some probably idealised view of how things used to be, not really based on any real information, but at others, they just say something happens these days as if it didn’t happen before when they have no reason to think anything about how it would have been before. Is it just that we assume it started existing when we noticed it?

Sometimes this actually matters, when you just have a skewed view of history and that keeps you from understanding the issue as it really is. At other times, it’s just a bit of sloppy thinking that doesn’t affect anything else. Either way, it’s weird. I avoid it simply because I don’t want to say things that aren’t true.


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