The Last Two Months and the Next One

See here for the Finnish version: Kaksi edellistä kuukautta ja seuraava

I’m planning to take the next month off from blogging, which I’m sure comes as not much of a shock for the about two people reading this weblog. The reason is that, even though it’s insane of me, I’m going to be participating in the National Novel Writing Month. My page can be found here. NaNoWriMo involves writing a 50,000 word novel in one month. (It’s also actually not “national”, so it makes sense for me to join.) I’ve already done it once. In case you are interested, my novel’s premise this time is kind of deconstructive fantasy.

The reason this is insane of me is because I’m extremely busy as it is, trying to finish my studies and at the same time work part-time (and I havent even got started with the latter). This has left me just barely enough time to write articles here in the weekends. Now that I’m supposed to be writing 1,666 words of a novel draft per every day, I’m not even going to try to keep on doing this as well.

It’s been interesting writing here so far. I have more ideas than I have time to write, so getting them has not been difficult. As WordPress provides statistics about weblog views and other such things, I know a couple dozen people have been viewing this weblog — it’s not much, but it’s been enough to keep me going. Also, it has seemed I’ve got at least one or two of everything they list — comments, people coming here via search engine results, links from another weblog, another blogger “liking” a post, etc. As I was not expecting much, it has been all right, as in moderately rewarding, and I quite like the idea of what I could do here if I could put in some more time. I do have ideas of how I could draw in some more readers. But that’s for later.

So far, it’s been nice to just try this out. It’s gone pretty much as expected, except that I haven’t “had to resort” to actual reviews. The mission statement from my initial post still works. I did come very close to writing about something political just before now; I meant to research and write about the Occupy Wall Street protest, because the subject has really caught my attention. But I was too busy and never got around to it, and now it’s too late for the time being.

Anyway, thanks to anyone who has read this so far. I’ll be back.

Sama suomeksi.


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