Starting Out: What Is This About?

See here for the Finnish version.

Greetings, whoever is reading this.

I am hereby starting a weblog, and a weblog should be about something. That’s what they say, anyway; I really know little about it. I had an aversion to reading them for some vague reason before, and even after abandoning that attitude, I have not been getting aquainted with them much. Well, I do not have a topic, but I do have a theme, one following from my reason to start doing this to begin with.

So, here’s the reason for my thinking I should start a weblog: I keep analysing everything, while trying to keep informed enough about the more interesting topics that I should actually know what I’m talking about, and I feel like I should share some of these thoughts. Often, I am practically writing an article in my head already when just thinking about a topic. It makes sense that I should get a place where I can actually write down these sketches for articles, even if I cannot publish them for real, as it were.

Since I analyse everything, then, I do not have a topic in mind. Rather, I have the theme of writing about things about which I have something to say. This is why the weblog is (at least for now) called “Thoughts on X”; it will be always be thoughts about something,  but the “X” may be something very different each time. I do not, however, intend to write down my thoughts about just anything.  I will try to keep my mouth shut about things I do not know. For example, I may have some ideas about economics and politics, which are new topics of interest for me, but I recognise I do not know enough to start telling people what to think about such things. I am a philosophy major, which basically means I am being trained to think about things, but not about things in any other field specifically. I study other subjects as well, both in the university and on my own, and feel I can say something about some of them. But not nearly all of them. I try to know about everything, but that is a goal I can only work towards forever, not ever reach.

So what is going to be here? I can’t promise for sure yet, and would hardly be surprised if the concept changed somehow as it gets going. Of the topics I have thought so far, the main thing I can say is that they’re rather different from each other. Besides of articles generally examining or detailing a specific topic, I might respond to a specific article somewhere, but I will not necessarily be reacting to topical questions that much, because it seems to be hard to know the truth about such questions even by reading newspapers. (I have a hunch that a lot people commenting on them typically don’t know what they’re talking about.) I was also thinking I could do something like reviews, of books and websites, say. But only when I really have something to say, when I can really analyse some part of the work in question, again as long as I really have something to say about them.

In other words, when I say it’s “thoughts on X”, these aren’t just random clueless ruminations, but should be something really worth sharing.

So anyway… If you keep following what goes on here, you’ll see the idea eventually, even if the above didn’t make it clear. I know I intend to wait and see what this is going to be about.

This blog is to be bilingual (English and Finnish) because I don’t know more languages well enough to write in them to my satisfaction. I might be able to reproduce my texts here in Swedish, but there would be errors. Oh, and why do I start in multiple languages to begin with? Two simple answers: First, I want it to be accessible. Practically everyone who might read it in Finland could read English, but not always as easily. Secondly, I just like languages and playing around with them. Doing it this way will be an interesting study in translation. At least as of this article, I’m starting out writing in English, and translate to Finnish afterwards. (I know enough about translation that the second version shouldn’t end up sounding less natural than the first.) Hopefully in the future I’ll be able to add more languages. I’m not sure it is the best technical solution, but for now I’m keeping this as a single weblog that operates primarily in English (category names are in English, for example, except for the one for articles in Finnish) but has duplicates of all articles in Finnish.

I’m new to this, as has come up above. I don’t know much about the technical details of weblogs and related things. I think I got the basic idea of setting one up on WordPress, but that’s about it. If someone has any advice they feel I could benefit from, I will gladly listen. Expect the layout of this page to change in some ways as I figure it out.

I’ve read advice to update a weblog daily or so, but in this case that sounds like a waste of everyone’s time. I intend for my posts to be a little longer and more thoughtful. Not to mention posted in two languages. So we’re looking at perhaps one or two posts per week.

Thank you for reading this introduction. I hope you will check in again. My current intention is to follow up soon with an article about what exactly philosophy is, which most people don’t seem to really know.

Sama suomeksi.


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